Adult Services

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy and Orientation and Mobility

Our adult services include two vision rehabilitation services offered by GDABVI to Southeast Michigan residents, which are Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) and Orientation and Mobility training (O&M).

The first of our adult services, Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT), is a method of teaching blind and visually impaired individuals to use adaptive skills and aids, enabling them to live independently. GDABVI professional staff assess, counsel and train clients in activities of daily living (ADLs) in the comfort of their home environment. Orientation and Mobility training offers instruction on how to move safety within one’s home and in external environments. Vision rehab training and O&M services are provided at no cost to the client.

A Vision Rehabilitation Teacher works with a visually impaired client on labeling a stove top for safe usage.Vision Rehabilitation Instructors and Orientation and Mobility teachers are specialists in blind rehabilitation who teach skills and techniques to legally blind adults to encourage self-sufficient, productive lifestyles. GDABVI therapists offer tailored assistance to clients who wish to live independently in their homes but need assistance with adapting their environment and setting up safe systems. Most GDABVI clients are over age 60 when many older persons begin to experience age-related macular degeneration or other types of vision loss. (Read how fruits and vegetables may decrease your risk of macular degeneration.)

Areas of instruction may include:

  • Communication Skills include signature and handwriting training, telephone usage, Braille lessons, and the use of recording equipment and low vision aids.
  • Activities of Daily Living Skills which are adapted for the person with a visual impairment include money management, telling time, sewing skills, food preparation, medication safety, grooming, clothing, housekeeping, adapting home appliances for use, and even crafts. Rehabilitation teachers may also assist a nurse with insulin management techniques.
  • Orientation and Mobility Instruction teaches safe travel trips including sighted guide, white cane use, and outdoor mobility.

In-Home Vision Rehabilitation Training Movie

Click the player window below to view a 2½ minute informative video on GDABVI vision rehab services.

Funding for services to persons over the age of 60 years is provided, in part, by the Older Americans Act through the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging; the Area Agencies on Aging: Area 1A, Area 1B, and Area 1C; and by your tax-deductible contributions to GDABVI. Other adult age groups are supported by funding from United Way for Southeastern Michigan and other grants. For more information, call 313-272-3900 or send an email to

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