Another successful season of Goalball!

The children in our Goalball & Fitness Pogram for visually impaired kids had a great time this summer improving their team skills and coordination, learning to prepare daily lunch and just having fun! This year’s group included 11 young people — ages 6 thru 15 — from Southeastern Michigan who were taught basic goalball skills then grouped into competitive teams. Before each day of play, all players warmed up by participating in daily calisthenics that were charted by their sports coach. At the end of the two weeks, all players improved their goalball skills and each child had measurably increased their fitness abilities in push ups, crunches, and 50 meter runs. We’re very proud of our youth! For information about our next Goalball program, please call 313-272-3900.


goalball team
2018 Goalball players and coach


preparing grapes
Preparing grapes after goalball
preparing salad
Preparing salad after goalball
Cutting melon
Cutting melon after goalball
fruit kabob
Showing fruit kabob making
Showing fruit kabob
Fruit kabob success
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