Summer Enrichment Program

Applications are available each spring for the annual Elementary Enrichment Program  and Youth Enrichment Program for young people with visual impairments. Applications and scholarship requests are due each year by June 1st.

Call GDABVI for an application at (313) 272-3900. No on-site registration will be accepted. Space is limited to 12 participants in each group.

Children learn how to climb safely into a kayak as they prepare for a trip to the river.
Young people learning to kayak before going on a water outing.

What is GDABVI Summer Enrichment Program?

Each summer, we host two Summer Enrichment Programs — one for elementary school children with visual impairments, and the second for middle school age youth with visual impairments. These day programs last two weeks each and are centered on fun, creative activities, along with everyday skills enhancement that promote independence.

Eligible youth meet at the GDABVI facility in northwest Detroit to participate in a variety of onsite and field activities. The program is available to Southeast Michigan elementary and middle school students at no-cost through the generous support of GDABVI private contributors.

Children and youth with visual impairments from ages 5 to 15 participate in specialized activities with certified instructors where low student-to-staff ratios ensure individualized training, as well as group experiences. Activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, and getting organized are learned through hands-on instruction in our upstairs apartment and kitchen. Community field trips introduce youngsters to resources for learning. An active lifestyle and good nutrition are emphasized.

Child learns to cut vegetables safely for lunch.
Youth safely cutting cucumbers for lunch.

Building Dreams… One Participant at a Time.

In the Elementary Enrichment Program, children are given high-quality, one-on-one training with lots of care and guidance. Our activities are geared toward improving each child’s skills, increasing their environmental awareness and creating fun-filled memories.

Participants in the Youth Enrichment Program will use technology tools to improve their skills for future goals, and participate in activities with greater responsibility and awareness, such as an overnight camping trip. Many of them leave the program with greater self-confidence and lasting friendships

We seek for all of our participants to achieve individual goals through challenging yet enjoyable activities, all of which are carefully designed to cultivate positive personal growth, stimulate cognitive development, and create meaningful experiences.

Goals are achieved by learning:

  • Everyday living skills
  • Social skills
  • Diversity awareness
  • Mobility, i.e., how to get around safely
  • Techniques that build self-esteem
  • Independence
  • Safety
  • More technology skills

Parents are welcome to observe their child’s progress as well as receive additional training, resources and support for continuing the growth spurred by this summer program. If you would like more information about our upcoming Summer Enrichment Program, please contact Mary Beth Kullen at 313-272-3900 or

Read this 13 year old’s experience in the GDABVI Summer Enrichment Program in this Detroit Free Press story.

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